5K Running Team


We’re looking for compassionate, fun-loving, and energetic teams to join together and compete for the Thanksgiving Day 5K Team Challenge! Teams will have the opportunity to win points in five different categories: Gathering team members, raising money, dressing up, telling your friends, and choosing a team name. The team that wins the most points will win a Badge of Honor to wear at next year's event, a hosted luncheon dedicated to their achievement, and—most important of all—the pride of knowing that they did something great for their community. The only requirements are that teams must consist of a minimum of four people... and that they have fun!

Why participate?

  • Team Building - Bond with your office-mates, your family, or your friends!
  • Meet New People - Meet other teams while engaging in some healthy competition.
  • Fun Exercise - Get out and enjoy a beautiful walk along San Diego's seafront promenade with your teammates.
  • Giving Back - Raise awareness for an amazing cause.
  • Bragging Rights - Win the Thanksgiving Day 5K Team Challenge Badge of Honor and a luncheon dedicated to the #1 team.

How do I win?

  • Gather Team Members - Win 1 point for every member who joins your team. Encourage friends, family, & workmates to sign up!
  • Raise Money - Win 2 points for every $10 that your team fundraises. Encourage donations through social media & more!
  • Play Dress Up - Wear festive colors, costumes, & hats to the event for a chance to win: 1st place will earn 50 points, 2nd place will earn 25 points, & 3rd place will earn 10 points.
  • Tell Your Friends - Starting June 1st, win 5 points for every original post that you share on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. Make sure you #NeighborRun #1MillionMeals
  • Choose A Team Name - Create an appropriate & innovative name for your team. The top three names will win 25, 10, & 5 points respectively.

#NeighborRun # 1MillionMeals

Thank you to our generous event sponsors & supporters: